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    Portrait Professional 11.2.4 Gen-adds


    Similar topicsGhostly portrait from eternal wandererOminous Objects 1: Family PortraitRenegade Space MarinesSurprisingly cheap Grey Knight Terminators!Fireworks gone wrongBuy PortraitPro 15 or upgrade your existing licenseDownload Buy Upgrade Download What it does Overview Automatic Batch Mode Eyes Lighting Removing spots New Features Special Deals Reviews Reviews Awards Editions Gallery About Us Support June 2011 (R200611) Context-sensitive help in all dialog fields Additional help option in ? drop-down menu List of already-used colors available Save snapshots of visualizations in PNG format Code directly from Overview of retrieved segments Option to switch directly to newly-created backup Quicker document link deletion in the Document Browser and Overview of Links Quicker memo deletion in the four main windows and in the Memo Manager PDF Documents Continuous view of PDF documents set as default Improved Display of Information and Results Additional information about number and sources of coded segments in Overview of retrieved segments window Coded segment comments shown when mouse hovers over coding stripe Overview of retrieved segments called up by double-clicking on a code in the Code System Constant display of coded segment weight scores External Files Notification of missing codecs for playback of linked media files Notification of missing media file when importing transcripts May 2011 (R050511) Read new timestamp format (#00:00:03-8#) in transcripts April 2011 (R180411) Import Atlas.ti projects (.xml) March 2011 (R090311) Code with drag-and-drop in the overview of retrieved segments Exclude single search results from Autocode Edit mode turns off when coding Import PNG pictures Marginal totals in Crosstabs External Data Notification where external file will be saved and the option to imbed file instead List all external data Subsequent imbed external data Import NVivo projects (.nvp) New language: Thai January 2011 (R140111) PDF documents Navigation with bookmarks Continuous view and scrolling Code across multiple pages Tag Cloud Word length minThis may take several minutes for users with very large project files and/or projects containing a large number of PDF documentsOur most requested feature, the new makeup suite takes your portraits to a new level


    Interactive results table Frequency tables Descriptive statistics: Mean, standard deviation, variance, median, quartiles, minimum, maximum, range, sum, standard error, 95% confidence interval for the mean Crosstabs: absolute and relative frequencies, row and column percentages, expected frequencies, residuals, standardized residuals, adjusted standardized residuals; Chi-square, Phi, Cramers V, contingency coefficient C One-way analysis of variance: with output descriptive statistics and Levene test of homogeneity of variance Correlation: Pearson and Spearman correlation Scale: Cronbachs Alpha Other improvements& Better recognition of sentences for autocoding of search results Vertical lines in Codeline New interface language: Portuguese (Brasilian) The update also fixes an issue with& Codeline that does not fill maxImproved communication between client pc and server pc when using MAXQDA License ServiceCreate preview images by clicking the corresponding button in multimedia browser at any time Visualize word frequencies with the Tag cloud for all documents at once New PDF engine: Better handling of PDF documents, i.eDownload Buy Upgrade Download What it does Overview Automatic Batch Mode Eyes Lighting Removing spots New Features Special Deals Reviews Reviews Awards Editions Gallery About Us Support Compare the different editionsAbility to import projects from MAXApp for Android™ Navigate paragraphs by double-clicking on a paragraph number in Document Browser Memo location in documents is visualized in text and PDF Export Document System with memos Improved performance for coding and handling long texts Optimized display of coding stripes when printing documents Bugfixes Optimized time stamp import from transcript Code color changes sync immediately in Document Browser Code Matrix Browser exports Correct title in memo editor for document and code memos MAXQDA for Mac April 4th, 2014 Fixes a bug in the last update that caused some memo content not to be saved MAXQDA for Mac 11.0.4 April 3rd, 2014 New Features Click on coding stripe or name to add code to Quick Code list Drag document group into Document Browser to open documents in tabs Improved performance of opening documents Bugfixes Optimized refresh of segment display in Summary Grid All emoticode icons now displayed in Multimedia Browser No more empty tooltips for document and web links Optimized transfer of externally saved files from Windows to Mac MAXQDA for Mac 11.0.3 March 20th, 2014 Bugfixes Corrects a problem with Excel export that occurs on some machines MAXQDA for Mac 11.0.2 March 17th, 2014 New Features Convert text document into table document Full screen mode Import bibliographical data: delete empty codes automatically Overview of linked memo for codes Bugfixes Optimized retina display support for retrieval and images Optimized zoom in image documents Correct color mix in table documents Correct conversion of memos into documents Optimized text selection in PDF documents Better handling of coded segments export MAXQDA for Mac 11.0.1Perfect for publications and presentations New slider to adjust column width New filter option: Limit visualization to coded segments with a certain weight Visual Tools: General Improvements New camera icon takes a screenshot of the currently visible area and copies the image to the clipboardAutomatically retouches the photo with customizable presetsNew analytical possibilites, including focus group analysis, import of Twitter data, new visual tools and countless new features have been added to make your analysis even more efficientMAXQDA 11 for Mac MAXQDA 10 January 2013 (R240113) Bugfix of a display problem in the accompanying texts June 2012 (R140612) Improved handling of coded images by teamwork featuresPortraitPro: Detects the face, age and gender February 28th, 2014: New Features Logbook for research notes Change font colors inside documents Import bibliographical data Import structured documents with Preprocessor Teamwork Import & Export Recode with selection in Document Browser Transform code into (categorical) variable Bugfixes Optimized retina display support Better handling of moving codes in the Code System Improved .mex import (file names and structure) Improved MAXApp project import Opimtized folder structure for portable installations Februar 2014: Say hello to the first version of MAXQDA for Mac MAXQDA 11 for Mac is released! MAXQDA 11 for Mac is as intuitive, flexible and powerful like MAXQDA 11 for WindowsNew MAXReader version: Compatibility to recent MAXQDA features added 9796455311

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